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Congratulations, Jakara!

“Jakara is a model student. What sets her apart from other students is her desire for learning. She studies to understand, not to pass the test. She is goal driven and able to handle significant challenges that would stop others in their tracks. She is enrolled full-time in nursing school which includes clinical, simulation, and lecture courses. All with four young children at home and very little support. She does it on her own without a single complaint. With the current pandemic, she now does all of this including being a teacher and mother to her children and never complains. She is a strong Christian woman who desires to serve her community through her future career as a nurse.” —Faculty nomination



Graduation Year


Favorite Class(es)

They all have been my favorite classes because they all are preparing me to be the best nurse I can be.


Ypsilanti, MI

Clubs or extra-curricular involvement?

Looking to be more involved in the black student association and the student nursing association.

What is your favorite CUAA pastime or spot on campus?

One of my favorite pass-times at school is just getting to know my instructors and classmates better. I like to get to know and appreciate those around me and learn from everyone inspires me and I also am about to help keep those around me encouraged because I try to keep a positive mindset.

What’s helping you to stay positive during this pandemic?

I always try to have a positive mindset and learn from everything. Keeping a heart of gratitude to still be in the process of becoming a nurse keeps me going. It is unique and it is history being made. I like to use meditation, time in nature, and exercising to distress and music with positive messages that motivate me.

What would you share with prospective students who are considering attending CUAA?

Students that are considering attending CUAA should know that it will for sure allow them to live uncommon. I would highly recommend them considering the benefits of the close relationships that are built among staff and student and students among each other as well. That is a very important part of being successful as a student and it is valued at CUAA.

Anything else to share about being student of the month?

I am truly honored. I have secretly wanted to be the student of the month at CUAA so this is awesome. My children are so proud of me and it is just proof to them that I am working hard and that there is nothing they can not do no matter what challenges occur during the process.

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