Deciding to further your education is a big step. Additionally, choosing a program can feel overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important to know what you are looking for in a program and what will work for you.

What do you want in a DBA program?

From 2010 to 2018, there was a 10 percent average annual increase in DBA graduates, according to IPEDS data. The majority of programs follow a hybrid format or have low residency requirements, which reduces students’ time on campus. Online coursework not only allows students to learn at their convenience but also allows for a more global reach and diversity of colleagues within courses.

Graduates of business doctoral programs often pursue careers in advertising, promotions, and marketing management. These professionals earn a median annual salary of $135,900, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Other potential careers for individuals with a doctorate in business administration include consultant, professor, and entrepreneur.

According to GradSchoolHub, a popular online resource, DBA programs emphasize practical knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the business field. Many schools offer online DBA programs, which allow learners to continue working while earning their degree. Doctoral students who maintain employment in the field can apply new skills immediately, and working full-time can help learners avoid debt.

Why Concordia?

At Concordia, we are excited to provide a program that provides the flexibility DBA students are looking for. Our program is a hybrid format, mostly online, which provides you with opportunities to connect in person and virtually. You will have the opportunity to meet on-campus during two brief residencies, at the beginning of the first year and the beginning of the third year. Here, you will have a chance to meet your peers and really build connections.

The courses will be online, but throughout those online courses, you and your peers will meet virtually with the professor to have meaningful conversations and connect. You’ll also get to meet with your research advisors on a regular basis.

In surveys conducted during residencies and classes, students tell us that online accessibility, a three-year completion timeline, our faith-based mission, and excellent faculty advising are key reasons for choosing a Concordia DBA.

Free course for January 2023 cohort

Concordia University Wisconsin-Ann Arbor realizes that it may be challenging to consider your options for DBA study. New for the January 2023 cohort, we are offering our first course, Intro to Scholarship, for free.

During this informative first class and your first step into our DBA, you’ll be supported by faculty and will establish a crucial relationship with your cohort peers. It is designed to help you organize your path and set you up for success to complete your DBA.

Highlights of the Intro to Scholarship course include:

  • Connecting best practices in research to the personal, team, and organizational success.
  • Developing ethical business solutions to solve organizational questions.
  • Discovering how knowledge gained in this program can be used to meet your specific organizational goals.
  • Learning about the advantages of being a scholar-practitioner and the positive impact on those around you.
  • Examining basic scholarship skills that can be useful as a college instructor or consultant.

Ready to dive in?

If you submit an online DBA application by Nov. 15, 2022, you will receive your first course for free in January 2023. Also, we’re waiving the personal narrative on your application and the interview is optional, for a limited time only. Residency is required from January 19-21, 2023.