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Everyone chooses a graduate program for different reasons such as program format, location, cost, and curriculum. Concordia student James Trazile, reflects on his journey in the Doctor of Business Administration program.

What is your current job?

I currently work as a Health Services Administrator for the U.S. Army.

What inspired you to pursue your DBA? Why did you choose the Healthcare Administration concentration?

After completing my MBA, a DBA made a lot of sense as my next academic step. I enjoy that I can continue to be a scholar-practitioner and conduct research relevant to what I do at work, which is very rewarding. Since I already work in healthcare, I wanted to be an expert in the field. My goal is to continue to work in the field while teaching at the graduate level.

What do you like about the cohort format?

I like that it allows us to get to know each other, as we work closely together. Our cohort is a pretty tight group. We stay in touch with each other and share our struggles and successes. Personally, it makes me feel like I’m not on this journey by myself, which is reassuring.

What course has had the biggest impact on you so far?

It is hard to pinpoint one specific course. All of them have challenged me in different ways. To name a few, the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership course allowed me to generate a wide range of creative ideas that I did not anticipate as part of this journey.

The Literature Review course helped me to be a better researcher. I have enjoyed all of my courses so far. They have all pushed me out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to grow as a researcher.

What has been your most memorable experience in the DBA program?

I would say the DBA residency was the most memorable experience I have had so far. Meeting everyone in the cohort, our advisors and professors really set the tone for what the DBA entails. The time we spent learning in and out of the classroom created a bond among us. I look forward to the upcoming residency to catch up in person with everyone.

How have the faculty supported you?

Support from the faculty has come in many ways. As a service member, my schedule is very chaotic for a good chunk of the year when I have lots of training. Faculty have been very helpful in communicating expectations, which allows me to plan ahead.

In cases where I have last-minute events, I reach out and they help facilitate my learning. Class recording sessions have been very helpful, especially when I’m working in a different time zone. I appreciate the various ways the faculty helps in my academic journey. The support is well-needed in continuing this journey.

How has the DBA program transformed you so far?

My knowledge about conducting research is expanding with every course I take. They all have their own challenges. Through navigating them, I gain better insight into how to conduct research, which helps me in the process of writing my dissertation.

Striving to complete my dissertation is transformative in itself. Stepping out into the unknown is a bit scary but fun at the same time. I welcome the successes, the challenges, the “aha” moments, the “why did I choose to do this?” the early mornings, and the late nights, as they are all part of the journey. I’m learning how to be a better thinker, reader, writer, and researcher.

In addition, through this program, I am learning a lot about the healthcare field from a civilian perspective. My experience in healthcare has been solely in the military. As I plan to transition to the civilian sector, this program certainly is very beneficial in bridging the gap in knowledge.

Why did you choose Concordia’s DBA program?

As I was close to completing my MBA at CUWAA, I looked into many programs and schools to complete a doctorate study, but I was not convinced. Upon hearing there was a DBA program in the works, I was excited to continue to be a part of the CUWAA family.

I had a great experience during the course of my MBA studies. Although most of my classes were online, I always felt welcomed when I visited campus. My academic support team was always there to help me. With this in mind, I knew I would also have a great experience in the DBA program.

We are so thankful for incredible DBA students like James Trazile and can’t wait to see his journey unfold. If you would like to read more about our DBA program, visit us at the link below.