Successful Businesses Start with People Who Lead Well

Successful businesses start with people. All businesses should have ethical, compassionate, and analytical team builders at the helm to lead the company to success.

Successful Businesses Start with People Who Lead Well

These characteristics are exactly why having a leader in your organization with a Master of Science in Leadership (MSL) is crucial. This degree develops professionals who have an interest in improving more than just the bottom line. 

Below are a few characteristics that these graduates possess, making them absolutely vital to the success of your company. 


Good leaders in the workplace are pivotal to the rise of successful businesses. They provide inspiration, motivate others, and improve overall corporate culture and environments.

Mapes suggests that leaders who are ethical, proactive, and invest in good employee relations will have a higher likelihood for personal, and corporate success. These are the skills that MSL graduates learn as they move through the program.

Motivated Managers

Great managers are able to motivate employees to take action and participate in the vision of the company. They are assertive about outcomes, overcome adversity, establish trust through transparent relationships, and foster open dialogue. In addition, they make decisions based on productivity. This kind of manager not only contributes directly to corporate success but is vital to it. However, it can be difficult to find one that possesses all of these characteristics. 

A graduate of the MSL program gets all of the training and skill development necessary to fit into this kind of role. They are people who can create a corporate culture where they use creativity alongside constructive problem-solving capabilities to manage employees successfully.

Able to Engage Employees

Being able to maximize employee engagement is key for successful businesses because companies that engage their employees outperform their competitors by 147% in earnings per share!

Bottom line: more engagement equals more productivity. Productive employees improve earnings and make a company more profitable. In order to increase engagement, companies have to invest in them. By creating happy employees, companies are more likely to produce better quality products.

The task of engaging employees is often in the hands of the management. That’s where MSL graduates can fill a vital need. They can ensure that proper business protocol is met while generating effective and profitable margins in addition to happy employees. 

Studies emphasize the following logic: good, ethical leaders form productive employees, and productive employees motivate other employees. Therefore, this affects the creation of better work and in turn, improves profit margins for the company.

Your Next Step

Whether you’re an employer wanting to encourage one of your employees toward this program or you’re a professional needing additional education to position yourself as a leader, the Master of Science in Leadership could be the perfect solution. 

Start here by requesting more information on the program or referring an individual for it.

This blog was originally published on 05/29/2015. It has been updated to reflect current information.

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