What's on your 2021 Summer reading list?

2021 Summer reading list: School of Ed’s top picks

Teachers, you’ve made it to summertime after a school year of being flexible, trying new things, and thinking outside of the box. Downtime is important for both your brain and your body, and you should try your best to prioritize downtime this summer.

However, when you’re needing some mental stimulation and entertainment, nothing gets the job done quite like a book. Am I right, teachers? Building literacy over the summer is important, and it can even be enjoyable. Reading for fun is great!

We tell our students this, but sometimes we need to hear it, too. Reading for entertainment as an adult is healthy. Concordia University Ann Arbor’s School of Education faculty and staff have shared what they’re reading for fun this summer. If you already have your summer reading list selected, that’s great! If not, perhaps this list will give you a few interesting ideas for your own summer reading.

CUAA School of Ed’s Summer reading list

Beth Hopkins, Coordinator of Licensure, Certification and Assessment, Office Manager

Beth Hopkins

Book choice: The Midwife: A memoir of birth, joy and hard times by Jennifer Worth.

Why is this book on your summer reading list?

It sounded like an interesting read. This book is written by a woman who was a midwife in a heavily populated area off of the London Docks. She was a midwife right after the Second World War.

Meghan Hernandez

Meghan Hernandez, Academic Advising

Book choice:  I’m reading Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis.

Why is this book on your summer reading list?

Being a new mom, I wanted to read something that had nothing to do with diapers, sleeping, or milk, but that still held significance for the season I’m in nonetheless.


James Pingel, PhD, Dean, School of Education

James Pingel, PhD

Book choice: One book I’m reading is Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgement by Daniel Kahneman, Oliver Sibony, and Cass R. Sunstein. Another I’m reading is Ray Keating’s Vatican Shadows.

Why is this book on your summer reading list?

Noise: I love reading about research on what goes into decision-making processes. As a sinner, I know I will often make mistakes and poor decisions.

If I can better be aware of my temptations and weaknesses, however, by God’s grace, I hope to make better decisions in the future.

Vatican Shadows: It’s about a Lutheran pastor, playing a James Bond role, and being asked to help the Vatican. What could go wrong?

Sandra Harris, EdD, Dean Emirita, Director of Graduate Education

Sandra Harris, EdD

Book choice: The Red Book by James Patterson and David Ellis, as well as The President’s Daughter by James Patterson and Former President Bill Clinton.

Why is this book on your summer reading list?

I am an avid reader of mystery novels, so I chose this book because I just love reading mysteries.


Kyle Chuhran, EdD, Assistant Professor, Department of Elementary Education

Kyle Chuhran, Ed.D

Book choice: I am currently reading The Only Way I Know by Cal Ripken, Jr. and Mike Bryan.

Why is this book on your summer reading list?

Because summer is for baseball, and I enjoy reading autobiographies of people who have achieved greatness.


Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson,
Vice President of Administration

Ryan Peterson, M.Div., EdD

Book choice: Win at Work and Succeed at Life by Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller

Why is this book on your summer reading list?

Our Concordia mission is to develop students in mind, body, and spirit – it is a whole person development. For years, I have been following the leadership and coaching of Michael Hyatt, even using his Full Focus Planner to design my days and guide me towards achieving goals in all areas of life.

In this book, Michael and his daughter Megan describe the “double win,” seeing work and life in partnership, not opposition. I love the practical insights, personal stories, and inspiring ideas that fill the pages of this book!


Graduate education at Concordia University Ann Arbor

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— Meg Hewitt is the Marketing Strategist for Concordia University Ann Arbor. She may be reached at megan.hewitt@cuaa.edu.

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