Turome Chandler

When a player, extends his hand to help another player stand, it is termed, “sportsmanship.” When a woman proceeds to walk up or down a flight of stairs and a man extends his hand to assist, it is phrased, “being a gentleman.” As a donor to Concordia, you embody every aspect of kindness behind both acts.

That person who extends a helping hand aids in shaping communities, growing economies, and taking the act of kindness to new heights. That is the person I aspire to resemble. That person is you.

In 2018, I will graduate and begin my exploration into the professional world. As I embark on this journey, my memories will include people who have helped me get to graduation. It is individuals like you that I will hold deep in my thoughts. You and your contributions to Concordia help people like me discover happiness, independence, and management of priorities. Your commitment to our university is incredible, and because of that commitment, students like myself can continue to develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world. I am grateful for your generous donation and the helping hand offered.

With my deepest sincerity,

Turome Chandler

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