What are the career opportunities in applied psychology?

Check out what you can do with a career in applied psychology.

A degree in applied psychology offers various career options

If you’re interested in how the human mind works, you have probably looked into majoring in psychology. But where can the degree take you career-wise? That depends on where your passions lie. Thankfully, the field of psychology can open doors, in various settings to fit your goals.

Check out some settings where you could work with a bachelor’s in applied psychology.

Helping others improve their lives

If you’re passionate about supporting others in bettering their lives, a career in human services might’ve crossed your mind. Psychology focuses on a person’s cognitive, emotional, and social behavior. Additionally, it’s important to know how environmental or economic factors affect these behaviors. Not only will you be able to understand a person’s situation, but also have greater empathy and compassion during this phase in their life.

A career in social work opens many doors to helping people in various settings. Social workers may work in schools, hospitals, non-profits, senior centers, churches, prisons, or private or public organizations.

According to NASW, “The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet basic and complex needs of all people, with a particular focus on those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.” Therefore, having a background in psychology is essential for understanding those you are working with.

If you like focusing more on improving a specific problem, counseling may be a better path. As a professional counselor, you would work individually or in small group settings with clients. They help their clients process challenges and life changes. Additionally, they teach them strategies to cope with these stressors. While focusing on mental health, psychology is a big part of the puzzle. Which makes this a great field to consider.

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Bettering businesses

Did you know that a background in psychology can greatly help you in business professions? It’s true. Understanding how and why humans think, act, and behave as they do can be helpful.

Let’s look at business leaders or managers. By understanding behavior, they can better manage others. It gives them the knowledge to use different methods of motivation depending on the person.

Another opportunity is in human resources. HR professionals’ main role is to deal with people.

According to LinkedIn, “It is essential to observe their behavioral attributes and conduct oneself accordingly. […] So, it makes sense that the study of the human mind should fall within their area of expertise.” Using knowledge of psychology can help to recruit, deal with employee relations, and many other tasks.

Evidently, if you have an interest in psychology and business, many careers are waiting for you.

Human nature is the most important subject to understand – if you want to be a leader.
-Theodore Roosevelt

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Empowering learners

If you have a passion for education, a background in psychology can benefit you. Not only would you have knowledge about behaviors but also how they can affect learning.

A career in teaching can be a good fit. We know that everyone learns differently. So, by studying psychology, educational professionals can be equipped to individualize learning for students. It can also be helpful in managing conflicts and motivating students to learn.

Another option to explore is school counseling. School counselors play an essential role in guiding students throughout their academic careers. They provide academic and vocational guidance, as well as individual or group counseling. Learning psychology is a large component of being able to help those you are working with.

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