tips for living with roommates

Whether this is your first time living with roommates or you've done so for years, following these helpful tips will make sharing a space with your roommate an enjoyable experience.

Getting ready to move onto Concordia University Ann Arbor’s campus for the 2020-21 academic year? Get excited! Living on campus is an awesome experience. 

A huge part of residence life at Concordia involves living with roommates. As you chat with your new roommate about who’s bringing what essentials (don’t forget to read CUAA student tips: What to bring for your room!), we’re sharing tips from CUAA students that will help you after you’re all moved in.


There was a common theme from many students on the importance of communication. You’re (likely) not a mind reader, and neither is your roommate! Be sure to communicate openly and often, and remember to listen, too.

  • Be honest and open in your communication
  • Make sure you talk “with” your roommate, not “at”
  • Communications! Being on the same page about a shared space is huge
  • Communication is key
  • Make things clear! Don’t beat around the bush
  • If something bugs you, talk about it
  • Communication and respect for each other and their belongings is key!
  • Make sure they are aware of your pet peeves
  • Listen first
  • Be open minded and a good listener

The second common theme included tips for cleanliness. When sharing a space, Concordia students suggest that keeping a room clean helps the roommate dynamic. Here are some things they said specifically…

  • You’re sharing a space. You’re roommate can look away from a mess, but they can’t run from a smell!
  • Create a chores list!
  • Make a cleaning schedule and talk ground rules from the start
  • Make your bed! My college roommate made their bed every day.
360 room residence
Here’s a 360 degree view of a typical residence hall room at CUAA. Click the picture for a video tour!

If you have any specific questions about Residence Life at CUAA, don’t hesitate to reach out to Resident Director Gabe Farr.

Download the official packing check-list from CUAA’s Residence Life team here, and check out at 360 degree photo of all of the residence hall rooms here.

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