Professor Perspectives

Concordia University Ann Arbor offers over 40 majors in over 60 academic programs within five academic schools. Take a look at some Concordia professors' perspectives as they share a bit about what is currently happening in their programs and in their academic discipline as a whole.

Feeling unsure about what you want to study when you go to college? Or, do you have interest in a program but don’t know what that looks like in the classroom or as a career?

A professor from each of Concordia’s five academic schools is sharing a behind-the-curtain-peek at what is happening within their programs right now at CUAA. From explaining what “small class sizes” really means, to unique traditions within a course, potential career opportunities available to YOU within the field or discipline.

The professor perspectives will be rolled out throughout the month of January, so be sure to check back so that you can be in-the-know about each of these Concordia programs!

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Professor Perspective: Social Work

School of Health Professions

By Eric Shanburn

Click here to take a peek into the social work program.

Kathleen Thumbnail

Professor Perspective: Nursing

School of Nursing

By Kathleen Sheehan

Click here to learn specific perks of the nursing program.

Joshua Kittleman

Professor Perspective: Family Life Education

School of Education

By Josh Kittleman

How does this program prepare students to work with families and why is this work so important?

Meagan Klein

Professor Perspective: Sport and Entertainment Business and Hospitality and Event Business

Haab School of Business

By Meagan Klein

Current happenings and future program hopes: Read more! 

Lance Shultz

Professor Perspective: Biology

School of Arts and Sciences

By Lance Shultz

Read about a new research-focused annual event, spearheaded by the school of arts and sciences.



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